Conference Program

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Date Equals
Expand CollapseDateSession StartSession EndSessionIDSessionTitleRoom
2/14/202311:00 AM12:30 PM21401Ethical and Legal Concerns of AI-Driven Remote Sensing Applications501/502
2/14/202311:00 AM12:30 PM21402Remote Sensing Data Quality and Interoperability Requirements503/504
2/14/20232:00 PM3:15 PM21403Incorporating Lidar into Remote Sensing Projects501/502
2/14/20232:00 PM3:30 PM21404Photogrammetric Processing and Applications503/504
2/14/20233:30 PM4:20 PM21405Poster Presentations506
2/15/20239:00 AM10:00 AM21501Commercial Perspectives on the Future Uses of Imagery in GIS501/502
2/15/20239:00 AM10:00 AM21502Guidelines and Standards for Topographic and Bathymetric Lidar503/504
2/15/202311:00 AM12:15 PM21503Advanced Remote Sensing Analysis using Machine Learning and AI501/502
2/15/202311:00 AM12:30 PM21504Revision of the ASPRS Positional Accuracy Standards for Geospatial Data503/504
2/15/20232:00 PM3:25 PM21505Climate Change and Urban Analysis501/502
2/15/20232:00 PM3:15 PM21506UAS Data Processing and Applications503/504
2/7/20228:30 AM9:45 AM701302NGS Datum Modernization Program302
2/7/20229:45 AM10:45 AM702302Nationwide Elevation, Land Cover, and Hydrography302
2/7/202210:45 AM11:30 AM703301ASPRS Annual Meeting: Installation of Officers301
2/7/202211:30 AM12:30 PM704301UAS Data Acquisition and Quality Metrics301
2/7/202211:30 AM12:30 PM704302Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Geospatial Profession302
2/7/20221:00 PM2:00 PM705301ASPRS Annual Meeting: Awards and Scholarships301
2/7/20222:00 PM4:00 PM706206SMC and ECPC Networking206
2/7/20222:00 PM3:30 PM706301New Airborne and Spaceborne Imaging Sensors301
2/7/20222:00 PM3:30 PM706302GIS on the Go/Future of GEOINT and AI302
2/8/20229:00 AM10:00 AM801302Vegetation, Land Cover and Green Space Modeling302
2/8/202210:00 AM10:45 AM802302Thinking Outside the Box: New Perspectives on Data302
2/8/202211:30 AM12:30 PM803301Innovations in Lidar Mapping and Data Management I301
2/8/202211:30 AM12:30 PM803302Innovations in Photogrammetric Mapping302
2/8/20221:00 PM1:45 PM804208Posters208
2/8/20222:00 PM3:30 PM805301ASPRS Positional Accuracy Standards: Challenges and Opportunities301
2/8/20222:00 PM3:30 PM805302New Business Opportunities for Imagery Products302
2/8/20224:15 PM5:30 PM806301Innovations in Lidar Mapping and Data Management II301
2/8/20224:30 PM5:30 PM806302UAS Photogrammetry and Modeling302

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