Google Earth Engine Fundamentals with Hands-on Training

Google Earth Engine Fundamentals with Hands-on Training

Full Title: Google Earth Engine Fundamentals with Hands-on Training


Jeff Pu, SUNY-ESF and Dr. JB Sharma, University of North Georgia

Cloud-based image processing platforms bring unprecedented possibilities for remote sensing education, research and outreach. This workshop will have two parts; the first part will provide an interactive exploration of Google Earth Engine (GEE) capabilities with examples of projects demonstrating the use of GEE in education, undergraduate research and outreach. This will be followed by hands on activities including data exploration, supervised classification, and a hands-on activity. The second part will include more advanced topics of GEE that includes image processing, widget use and app building using an API based coding environment. Each participant will get at 4 GEE activities for classroom use and several GEE API scripts that the participants can modify for their own use.

Connection details will be sent to registrants prior to the workshop.

4/16/2021 4:45 PM - 6:45 PM

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