RS of the Environment: An Earth Resource Perspective
RS of the Environment:  An Earth Resource Perspective

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Ideal for a university level, one-semester Introductory Remote Sensing course as well as an Introductory Airphoto Interpretation course. This book introduces the fundamental principles of remote sensing from an earth resource perspective. It reviews the nature of electromagnetic radiation and how the reflected or emitted energy in the visible, near-infrared, middle-infrared, thermal infrared, and microwave portions of the spectrum can be collected by a variety of sensor systems and analyzed. Emphasis in this book is placed on manual, visual image analysis of the remote sensor data using introductory photogrammetric techniques.


  • Documents the history of photography and other remote sensing detectors, and aerial platforms (balloon, kite, aircraft, satellite).
  • Enables readers from many disciplines such as geography, agriculture, forestry, marine science, and geology to adapt the remote sensing principles and technology to their own application.

  • Provides case studies in most chapters.

  • Highlights practical applications of principles taught in the book.

  • Includes hundreds of specially designed illustrations.