MRS Vol. 5 Remote Sensing of Human Settlements

MRS Vol. 5 Remote Sensing of Human Settlements

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Volume 5 addresses human settlement as an ecosystem where humans and the natural environment are interacting, from the smallest village to the complex metropolis.  Comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date, it covers the history of remote mapping of settlements, remote sensing theories and methods, applying remotely sensed data through various techniques, and a look at emerging trends and future challenges.  Intended for use by researchers, educators, and students, as well as to provide some encouragement for urban and regional planners to explore the use of the technology to advance their missions.  Section I covers historical highlights for mapping settlements from the 19th century to the present.  Section II presents thematic applications in population estimates, human health, and more.  Section III presents selected forward-looking thematic challenges to the remote sensing community.  Chapter authors and contributors to this volume are leaders in this field.


  1. Historical Evolution and Mapping of Human Settlements
  2. Principles and Tools for Remote Sensing of Human Settlements
  3. Characterizing and Mapping Human Settlements
  4. Image Processing Methods
  5. Information Extraction
  6. Estimating Population and Census Data
  7. Satellites, Settlements, and Human Health
  8. Remote Sensing of Natural and Man-made Hazards and Disasters
  9. Archeological Remote Sensing of Early Human Settlements
  10. Documenting Dynamics of Human Settlements
  11. Current Research and Future Directions in the application of Remote Sensing to Human Settlements
  12. New and Emerging Instruments and Some Emerging Trends for Remote Sensing of Human Settlements


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