MRS Vol. 6 Remote Sensing of the Marine Environment

MRS Vol. 6 Remote Sensing of the Marine Environment

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This book is a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for oceanographers and marine scientists interested in applications of satellite imagery and other remote sensing techniques to studying and monitoring ocean and coastal waters.  The volume is organized for quick access to topics of particular interest, with chapters on ocean productivity, circulation, pollution, wind, planetary waves, sea ice and coastal processes.  The first chapter reviews the history of satellite observations of the ocean, noting the contribution from different countries and the interactions of military and civilian interests.

Printed in color throughout, with Internet sources, helpful illustrations and extensive references, this volume is a major resource for researchers and practitioners working in marine environmental science.



  1. A History of Oceanography from Space
  2. Large-scale Ocean Circulation
  3. Remote Sensing of Extra-equatorial Planetary Waves
  4. Global- and Ocean-scale Primary Production from Satellite Observations
  5. Measuring Ocean Surface Wind from Space
  6. Coastal Physical and Biochemical Processes
  7. Remote Sensing of Marine Pollution
  8. Sea Ice Monitoring by Remote Sensing
  9. Toward a Global Ocean System for Measurements of Optical Properties Using Remote Sensing and In Situ Observations

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