Welcome to the New ASPRS Members Site. We are just getting started and will be rolling out additional features soon. As you explore, what you see depends upon whether or not you are signed in and are a member.  Other than shopping the bookstore and registering for an event, this portion of the ASPRS website is for members only. (If you were recently a member but your membership lapsed, don't worry, we'll be sending you an email soon with your member credentials and the ability to renew online.)

  • The Organization page lets you identify our Board, Committees, Councils, Regions, Technical Divisions, and interest Groups.
  • The My ASPRS page lets you join, renew, or manage your existing membership.  
  • The community pages let members connect with each other around hot topics and Society activities.  
  • If signed in as a member, you can search the Directory. Right now, the directory appears empty because we have defaulted everyone's privacy settings to share as little information as possible.  Put yourself in the Directory by adjusting your privacy settings.
  • You can always return to the page you are looking at now by selecting the Members Home page
  • To return to the public ASPRS site, select the ASPRS Main page.

Do update your member profile. To update your privacy settings to be more permissive, go to the My ASPRS page, select the My Privacy tab, and check/uncheck the settings you want.  Also, on the My ASPRS page, be sure to update your member information by clicking on the tiny pencil icons to the right of the data to be edited.